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Services for Fiat Models: Fiat 500,Fiat 124 Spider,Fiat 500L,Fiat 1200,Fiat 1100,Fiat 500e,Fiat 1300, Fiat X1/9,Fiat 600 Multipla,Fiat 500X

Locksmith Services for Fiat: Fiat cars lock out, Fiat trunks lock out, Fiat pickups lock out, Fiat lost keys replacement, Fiat chip keys cut, Fiat chip keys programmed, (Transponder keys), Fiat chip keys duplicate, Fiat ignition install, Fiat ignition repaired, Fiat ignition rekey, Fiat replace keyless entry remotes, Fiat repair broken or worn out keys, Fiat broken keys extracted, Fiat high security keys cut, Fiat high security keys program, Fiat Immobilizer Reflash service

We love that Fiat is back in the States, but as cool as these cars are their keys can still go missing. Did you lose your Fiat key in the middle of the night? Do you want a spare key to make sure it doesn’t happen again? Dealerships are expensive. Put down the coat hanger and call on our experienced Fiat locksmith services instead.

California Keys will program, recover, repair, or replace your Fiat keys on short notice. Our mobile locksmith service will save you a trip to the shop and have you back on Highway 1 in your 500 Convertible while the sun’s still shining.
Whether you need vintage Spider keys or new 500X keys, California Keys knows exactly what to do.

What you’re up against

Modern cars of today have transponder keys that make those old keys look like dinosaurs. Your Fiat keys are coded to match your specific car, so you can’t just go find someone else’s keys and give them a try. You need a service that can replicate your car’s unique codes to open the doors and use the ignition.

There are a lot of vintage Fiats floating around, especially in LA. Most locksmiths won’t touch vintage Fiat keys, but it’s no big deal to us. Don’t try to take your locks apart yourself just because the forums told you rekeying a Fiat key is easy. That’s how critical pieces disappear, and how tumbler springs find the far corners of your garage.

Whether it’s old or new, the dealership will want to tow your precious Italian beauty. That’s always a bit nerve-wracking, not to mention the amount of time and money the dealership will ask for to fix your car.

What we’ll do for you

California Keys has been replacing and rekeying Fiat keys since the last time they were sold in the States, and our locksmith technology has grown with the automotive industry. Call us even in the dead of night, and your Fiat key will be replaced in no time.

Our aftermarket keys are of the highest quality, so they won’t break like those cheap eBay specials. Our mobile experts will treat your Fiat like a Lamborghini, and they can create a new Fiat key quickly and easily without taking anything apart.

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