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You had to let an employee go, which was not a pleasant task. You asked for the office key but it was never returned. Now you must re-key all of the locks or buy new locks to ensure the continued security of your company and all of the confidential information it possesses. This wouldn’t be a big issue if you had keyless access entry because you could just deactivate the person’s entry card or change the code.

Why Choose Access Control?

Access control systems are modern security devices that provide enhanced safety for your home or business. They reduce the risk of theft and burglary because they don’t have locks that can be picked. It also reduces the risk of someone with access to your property from causing damage or stealing items because it is much easier to track those who are allowed in.

Keys aren’t needed with access control systems. Instead, you gain entry by swiping a card, inputting a code or even touching your fingerprint on a pad for recognition. Not only does this limit who can and cannot enter a building without your permission, it allows you to record who has been inside. They cannot duplicate access to give to others, and their privileges can be revoked with the change of a code or by deactivating their entry card.

Business owners appreciate this type of system because it’s easy to change the access information when an employee leaves. They don’t have to worry about keys not being returned or a duplicate floating around. The systems can also be set up to set off an alarm when the door has been left open too long for added protection.

Individuals can enjoy the convenience an access control system brings. No more fumbling for keys or searching to find lost keys. No more locking yourself outside of your house with your keys still inside. You can quickly gain access to your home when you arrive late at night with no worries about getting the key in the lock as you hurry to safety.

Types of Systems

Access control systems include many options. You can choose a digital keypad which uses a set of numbers that must be input for access. One of the benefits is that you can select a unique code for each person to make it easier to track who comes and goes.

Fingerprint readers are a newer form of security access, enabling you to eliminate any unauthorized access. Only fingerprints of people stored in the database will be able to enter the building. Magnetic cards are another option where you swipe a card to get inside.

Why Select California Keys Locksmith

California Keys Locksmith can provide you with state of the art security equipment to protect your home or business. We are able to install any access control system for your home or business and explain to you how to use it. Our technicians are trained in the latest models and systems, ensuring accurate installation in minimal time. They are also able to make repairs and provide any necessary maintenance to ensure your security system continues to function properly.

We provide 24-hour service 7 days a week for emergencies, ensuring we’re always within reach when you need us. You can rest easy, knowing your home or business is always protected. We provide service for individuals and businesses throughout Orange County.
If you would like a quote on an access control system or to know more about the various products we provide, give us a call. Let California Keys Locksmith help you protect your home or business with an advanced security system.