Residential Locksmith Service

Do you want to rekey all the locks of your new home? Do you require fresh installation for dead bolt locks? Do you want all your house locks to operate on a single key?

Commercial Locksmith Service

Which commercial locksmith in Orange County do the local residents trust for all their commercial locksmith needs?.The answer is California Keys Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith Service

Are you locked out of your car, pickup truck, or SUV? Has your car key broken while turning on the ignition? Have you lost your car’s remote keyless entry ?.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Who would you call if you locked yourself out of your home or car or when you required other emergency locksmith servicesIf your choice is California Keys Locksmith

Glossary - Locksmith Definitions

Do you want to know what different locksmith related terms stand for?

If so, check out our California Keys Locksmith glossary to understand what different locksmith
related different terms stand for. Our Orange County Locksmith glossary contains a detailed list of words that
are used frequently in the locksmith industry.

car lock out

This refers to a situation in which a person locks himself/herself out of his/her car. In such a scenario, you must contact a reputable locksmith who will get you inside your car quickly and efficiently.

Transponder Keys Programmed

These are keys that have a transponder chip inside them. Only a specialized locksmith can develop such keys for you.

Vats Key

The term ‘VATS’ stands for Vehicle Anti Theft System. These are smart keys used for keeping your vehicle protected from thefts.

Broken Key

The term refers to a key that is broken. Generally, keys get broken while opening/closing a door, or while switching on/switching off the car ignition. An experienced can extract the broken key for you and rekey the locks..

Dead Bolt Locks

One of the most common terms found in the glossary for Orange County Locksmith, dead bolt locks refer to locks that have a bolt in the door frame. Generally, the top locks are dead bolt locks.

Door Knob Locks

These are generally your bottom locks. Like dead bolt locks, door knob locks too have a bolt in the frame.

Bump Key

Another common term used in Orange County Locksmith glossary, bump key refers to a special key designed by a professional Locksmith for the purpose of opening your house doors in case you lock yourself out of your house.

Commercial Level Handle

The term refers to a lever handle with a cylinder lock. These are mostly used in commercial buildings such as offices.

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