Residential Locksmith Service

Do you want to rekey all the locks of your new home? Do you require fresh installation for dead bolt locks? Do you want all your house locks to operate on a single key?

Commercial Locksmith Service

Which commercial locksmith in Orange County do the local residents trust for all their commercial locksmith needs?.The answer is California Keys Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith Service

Are you locked out of your car, pickup truck, or SUV? Has your car key broken while turning on the ignition? Have you lost your car’s remote keyless entry ?.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Who would you call if you locked yourself out of your home or car or when you required other emergency locksmith servicesIf your choice is California Keys Locksmith

Frequently Asked Questions for Locksmith Services

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The three most important things you need to look for in a locksmith service provider are – (1) experience, (2) the ability to provide solutions quickly, and (3) price.
One company that effectively meets all these criteria is California Keys Locksmith. Read our Orange County Locksmith services FAQ's to understand your locksmith needs better.

1. Why should I hire only BBB accredited locksmith services?

A BBB accredited locksmith service carries a seal of approval from the council of Better Business Bureaus (BBB). When you select a BBB recognized locksmith service, you ensure that you get a high standard of service for all your locksmith requirements. We are one of the few BBB recognized locksmith service2. Why should I rekey all the locks when I purchase a new home?s in the whole of Orange County.

2. Why should I rekey all the locks when I purchase a new home?

This is one of the most commonly asked questions in our California Keys Locksmith FAQ. It is highly recommended that you immediately rekey all the locks of your new home. When your home was being built, chances are that our builder had access to the home. So, by rekeying all the locks, you can ensure that only you have the sole access to your home. This, in turn, helps you secure your new home..

3. What should I do if I accidently lock myself out of my car?

This is another common Orange Locksmith FAQ. If you have accidently locked yourself out of your car, you should immediately call a reliable Locksmith service nearby. California Keys Locksmith technicians can reach you within just a few minutes and help you get back in your car.

4. Do you also provide locksmith solutions for offices?

You should rekey the locks to ensure the safety of the house your belongings and to make sure no one else has access to you living space.

5. When do I need to get my house locks changed?

The answer to this common locksmith FAQ is YES. We provide a complete range of commercial locksmith solutions throughout Orange County.

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