Laser Keys

Laser keys

Laser keys are a great invention and provide cars with additional security. Many luxury cars have laser keys. California Keys Locksmith can help with all of your laser key needs. The best part is that our technicians are ready to serve you 24/7.

How does a laser key work?

Laser keys must be cut with special equipment. A more accurate cut is needed when cutting laser keys. The main advantage is that laser keys are thicker and do not wear out as fast.

The locks lock the door and ignition at the same moment. Laser keys are more complicated for thieves to pick. Plus laser keys cannot be made using a hand key cutting device.

The thing that separates a laser key from your typical key is the grove on the inside of the key. The technical term for this is a sidewinder. The blade on the key is rectangular. In the middle of the key, you will find a groove that is made at the same depth throughout its length.

The key also has the same groove on the back and is symmetrical. The key will work not matter which way you insert it into the lock.

Laser keys are an excellent invention. They really improve security and help to protect your vehicle. If you own a BMW, Mercedes, or Toyota, you will love your laser keys. If you ever need duplicate laser keys, laser key repair, new laser keys, or other laser key services, don’t hesitate to give us a call.