Ecu Reflash

Ecu reflash

California Keys Locksmith can now help with your ECU re-flash needs.

Today models from Honda, Toyota, and Lexus need ECU reflashing when all master keys are lost. Standard transponder systems can be programmed on-board through the OBD II. However, with vehicles that require reflashing, there is no direct programming and the ECU has to be reprogrammed.

Anyone who loses all of their master keys has two options: One is to take your vehicle to the dealership and replace the ECU. However, towing your vehicle to the dealership will cost more and you will pay inflated dealer prices.
Two is to call us, California Keys Locksmith can come to your location within 30 minutes. Not only will we be there quickly, but our rates are also hard to beat.

One of our technicians will remove the ECU from your vehicle. You will find it behind the glove box, or under the hood.

After the ECU has been taken out, a specific chip must be located, cleaned, and prepped. Then the “EZ Flasher” is connected to it.

The computer places the data only in the EEPROM (electrically erasable programmable read-only memory) and then places the vehicle into a learning mode in order for the new keys and the immobilizer will recognize them.

Then the ECU is installed and the new keys can be used.

California Keys Locksmith specializes in ECU flashing. Many locksmiths have not been trained to deal with ECU-reflash. Luckily we offer affordable ECU-reflash services throughout southern California.

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