Residential Locksmith Service

Do you want to rekey all the locks of your new home? Do you require fresh installation for dead bolt locks? Do you want all your house locks to operate on a single key?

Commercial Locksmith Service

Which commercial locksmith in Orange County do the local residents trust for all their commercial locksmith needs?.The answer is California Keys Locksmith.

Automotive Locksmith Service

Are you locked out of your car, pickup truck, or SUV? Has your car key broken while turning on the ignition? Have you lost your car’s remote keyless entry ?.

Emergency Locksmith Service

Who would you call if you locked yourself out of your home or car or when you required other emergency locksmith servicesIf your choice is California Keys Locksmith

Things to Know About the Chip Key

Have you lost your car’s chip key?
California Keys Locksmith Chip Key services can help you in case you have misplaced your car’s chip key or if your car’s chip key is stolen. We are among the best few locksmith services in the Orange County area and are experts in cutting and programming chip keys.
Unlike normal keys, chip keys require special skills and tools. California Keys Locksmith Chip Key services has all the necessary tools and skilled manpower to quickly provide you with a duplicate chip key in case you lose your original set of chip keys.
Chip keys are so called because these keys contain an electronic circuit or chip with a unique identification number. Your car’s engine is turned on when the ignition system of your car validates the identification number present in the chip key. Since a chip key is used to start a vehicle, it is commonly referred to as a “starter key”. Another name for chip key is transponder key.

As mentioned above, chip keys require both cutting and programming. This is something only experienced locksmiths can do. For years now, California Keys Locksmith Chip Key service has been offering duplicate chip keys and other automotive locksmith solutions to the residents of Orange County. Whatever be the make or model of your automobile, we can give you a duplicate chip key.

Our mobile locksmith services are fully equipped with the latest technology and tools. In other words, we can quickly duplicate your chip key onsite, no matter where you are located in the Orange County area. When you opt for California Keys Locksmith Chip Keys services, you are guaranteed exceptional service at a reasonable price.
Another advantage of choosing California Keys Locksmith Chip Key services is that we offer a 90 day guarantee on all our locksmith solutions.

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